PNB Update: Good news for PNB customers! Now you can withdraw one lakh rupees from ATM, know how to get this facility?


PNB has told that the ATM withdrawal limit on Visa Gold Debit Card, Platinum MasterCard, and RuPay card is being increased to Rs 1 lakh. Earlier, these cardholders were able to withdraw only Rs 50,000 from ATMs. The bank has said that soon the debit card transaction limit will be further increased for the convenience of the customers.


The bank has also increased the limit of Point of Sale ie POS. Now the daily POS limit of such cardholders has been increased from Rs 1.25 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. Through this card will now be able to pay up to Rs 3 lakh through debit card through POS at any shop.

The bank has increased the daily withdrawal facility of ATM cash from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh for cardholders like RuPay Select and Visa Signature. Not only this, the POS limit for such customers will now be Rs 5 lakh, which earlier used to be only Rs 1 lakh 25 thousand.

The bank has told its customers that they can customize their card limits themselves. This work can be completed through internet banking, mobile banking, PNB ATM, IVR, and by visiting the bank branch.

At present, the daily cash withdrawal limit of PNB customers from ATMs is Rs 25,000, while only Rs 20,000 can be withdrawn at a time. Customers are currently being given a chance to withdraw Rs 60,000 through POS. This limit is being increased on specific cards.


Apart from this, the maximum limit for withdrawing money in cash from the customers was also fixed at Rs 50 thousand. So far, the daily cash withdrawal limit for Visa Gold Debit card holders has been Rs 1.25 lakh, while only Rs 20,000 can be withdrawn from ATMs at a time.

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