Office Relationship: Take special care of these things in friendship with the boss, know here...


Relationship tips: While working in the office, people become friends with many colleagues, but very few people have friendly relations with the boss. Of course, by making friends with the boss, you can make many office tasks easier, but this relationship of friendship also has some limitations. In such a situation, if you also have a friendly relationship with the boss, then it becomes necessary to take care of some things for a better career.


Some people start treating friendship with the boss as a casual relationship, due to which not only your friendship can be in danger, but also the risk starts hovering over your career. In such a situation, while maintaining the relationship of friendship with the boss, it is better to avoid some mistakes. Let us know what things are important to keep in mind while keeping a better relationship with the boss.

Give priority to office work
Some people take advantage of the friendship of the boss and keep the rest of the work ahead of the office work. In such a situation, there are chances of spoiling the relationship between you and the boss. On the other hand, by giving priority to office work, you can not only join the good books of the boss but also strengthen the relationship of friendship with the boss.

The Boss's consent is necessary
Generally, in a relationship of friendship, people do not need to take permission from a friend before doing any work. But friendship with the boss is quite different. In such a situation, to maintain a friendship with the boss, his consent is also necessary. That's why it is better to extend the hand of friendship towards the boss only after understanding his nature very well.

Keep distance
Of course, the friendly behavior of the boss is very comfortable for you. But despite this, it is also necessary to keep enough distance from the boss. Due to this, there is less possibility of a rift in your friendship and your friendship with the boss also improves.

Do not avoid the colleague
To have a better relationship with the boss, ignoring the rest of the office can be your biggest mistake. In such a situation, along with giving importance to the words of the boss, also give respect to the opinion of the colleague and walk in harmony between the two.


Avoid gossiping
Some people, taking the wrong advantage of friendship with the boss, start talking bad about the office people from the boss. However, this behavior of yours can also irritate the boss. So try to be positive in the office and do not discuss any kind of gossip with the boss at all.

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