Navratri Shopping: If you have to buy for Navratri, then every item of worship will be available in these markets of Delhi, know here...


Navratri 2022: If you are going out shopping for Navratri preparations, then there are some markets in Delhi, where you can easily find traditional clothes for Garba or Dandiya night from worship materials to Navratri decorations, and Mother's makeup items. Get it at low prices. Here you are being told about the markets in Delhi to shop for Navratri items.


Sadar Bazar in Delhi
If you want to shop for many things for Navratri, then you can go to Sadar Bazar in Delhi. Sadar Bazar is the wholesale market of Delhi, where you get goods very cheaply. It is one of the most popular markets in Delhi. Here you will get all the decoration items for Navratri. At the same time, the goods of Navratri worship will also be available at a low price. Gifts for Kanya Puja, bangles for makeup, Ghagra, and dresses will be available.

Lajpat Nagar
If you are going to attend Garba or Dandiya Nights in Navratri then here you can get traditional trendy outfits at very affordable prices. Apart from clothes, Navratri worship items and mother's makeup items can also be easily found in the Lajpat Nagar market.

Delhi's Paharganj Market is one of the cheapest markets. There are a lot of crowds here during the festival days. Everything like clothes, jewelry, shoes, decoration items, sculptures, etc. will be easily available for less money.


Karol Bagh
The name Karol Bagh is included in the popular markets of Delhi. All everyday things are easily available in Karol Bagh. There is often a rush of shopping here. For Kanya Puja, you can buy clothes, bags, and gifts of variety, which will be available for less money. Apart from the decoration of the house, all the necessary items for the festival can also be purchased from Karol Bagh.

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