Navratri Falahar Recipe: Make paneer pakodas during Navratri, you will get energy in fasting, know the recipe here...


On a fruit diet, most people eat only dishes made of potato, curd, and buckwheat flour. In such a situation, today we have brought paneer dumplings made with buckwheat flour. This will not only eliminate your hunger in fasting, but it will also give you plenty of energy. Cheese is healthy. Rich in protein and calcium, paneer pakodas are also easy to make. So let's know how to prepare paneer and pakodas made of buckwheat flour.


Ingredients for Buckwheat and Paneer Pakoda
One hundred grams of fresh paneer, one cup of buckwheat flour, rock salt, green coriander, cumin, green chili, crushed red chili, black pepper, groundnut oil, or desi ghee for frying.

How to make Buckwheat Flour and Paneer Pakodas
These paneer pakodas are a good option for an evening snack. Eating it will also end hunger in the evening and paneer will also give energy to the body. On the other hand, if guests come to the house on the day of fasting, then you can easily feed them as they are ready in minutes. To make Paneer Pakoda with Buckwheat Flour, first cut the paneer into the desired square, diamond, or thin long shape.

Then put the buckwheat flour in a bowl and prepare the batter by adding water. Make sure that the batter of buckwheat flour is neither too thick nor too thin. Add rock salt, crushed black pepper, crushed red chili, and some green chilies, finely chopped, to the prepared solution in the right quantity. Also, add cumin powder and coriander powder together. If you want, you can also chop some green coriander. Now just dip the paneer in this solution.


Put a pan on the gas and heat oil or ghee for frying. When the ghee becomes hot, put the paneer in the buckwheat flour batter and remove it, and put it directly in the pan. Fry on medium flame till golden brown and take out on a plate and serve hot. If you want, eat green chutney or sweet chutney with these pakodas.

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