Nail Art Tips: To make nail art, take help of these things kept in the house, you will get a parlor like look, know here...


Fashion Tips: In the skincare routine, nowadays women also give a lot of importance to the special care of the nails. Beautiful nails work to enhance the beauty of women. In such a situation, most women take the help of nail art to make their nails attractive. If you are also fond of nail art, then with the help of some small things, you can enhance the beauty of your nails while sitting at home.


Use beauty blender
To make nail art with a beauty blender, first, apply nail paint on the nails. Now apply the second nail paint of the color combination with the nail paint on the tip of the blender and make small circles by tapping on the nails. In this episode, if you want, you can also make colorful nail art with nail paint of different colors.

Take help of earbuds
Earbuds are usually used to clean the ears. However, you can also make nail art with it. For this, apply nail paint on the nails. Now make a zigzag line on the nails by applying nail paint of any other color on the earbuds. This will make your nails look very beautiful.

Make nail art with a toothpick
You can also make beautiful nail art with a toothpick. For this, first, apply nail paint to half of the nails. Now to make smiling face nail art, dip the back of the toothpick in nail polish of another color and place two dots on the nails and make a smiling face by making a curve under the dot with the front part of the toothpick.

Try hairpins
To make nail art with hair pins, first, apply nail paint on the nails. Now apply a nail paint of another color on the zig-zag hairpin and apply it on the nails in any pattern. This will make your nail art look very professional.


Make nail art with a pen refill
To make nail art with pen refill, apply black or any other color of nail paint on the nails. Now apply white or any combination of colored nail paint on the ends of the refill and make your favorite design on the nails.

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