Makeup Tips: You will look gorgeous in monochrome makeup, must try it..


Monochrome Makeup Tips: Applying makeup is an important part of the daily routine of many women. On the other hand, from heavy makeup to light touch up, women like to try different types of makeup to get the best look. In this episode, women also apply monochrome makeup for soft makeup. In such a situation, by taking special care of some things, you can easily achieve a gorgeous look in monochrome makeup.


Monochrome makeup is one of the trending looks of all time. Also, with the help of monochrome makeup, you can get an attractive look in any season. However, while doing monochrome makeup, women often make some common mistakes, which spoil their looks. So let's know about some special ways to look awesome in monochrome makeup.

Keep these things in mind while doing monochrome makeup
Better choice of colors

Let us tell you that monochrome makeup means playing with colors. In such a situation, by choosing light shades like pink, neon, sky blue, and orange color for yourself, you can get the best makeup look. On the other hand, it is better to avoid dark shades like brown and green in monochrome makeup.

Focus on eye makeup
Avoid applying eyeliner and kajal on the eyes in monochrome makeup. This can spoil your makeup look. At the same time, you can use eye shadow to decorate the eyes. For this, blend the eye shadow on the eyes by taking it out of the lid. Also, blend the lower lashes with the same color. Apart from this, you can also try highlighter on the inner corner of the eyes. At the same time, applying mascara is also a good option for a heavy makeup look.

Highlight the face
To get a perfect look in monochrome makeup, it is very important to highlight all the parts of the face. For this, you can highlight the cheekbones, eyebrows, and lips while applying makeup. Due to this your makeup look will start to look quite awesome.


lip makeup
To highlight the lips while doing monochrome makeup, the first shape the lips with a lip pencil. Then use a highlighter on the lips. After this, you can apply matching lipstick on your lips with your favorite makeup. With this, your makeup look will come out very bright.

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