Makeup Tips: These mistakes related to makeup can spoil your look, take care of them..


Makeup has become a part of women's life in today's time, without which they do not like to go out of the house. And when it comes to a party or a wedding ceremony, without makeup it doesn't work. Makeup works to enhance your look and make it attractive. But it is seen that many times women make some mistakes during makeup because they do not have the right information related to makeup. These makeup-related mistakes spoil her look. Today in this episode we are going to tell you about the same mistakes which are important to take care of.


Wrong color foundation
This is a common mistake. Often women use the wrong color foundation, which spoils their look. You should try applying foundation before buying it. You should choose the foundation according to your skin tone, only then you will be able to do the right makeup.

Old and dirty makeup brushes
If you use old and dirty makeup brushes while doing makeup, then your makeup will never be properly. These brushes can also damage your skin. Try to wash your brushes thoroughly and don't skimp on buying new brushes if needed.


More powder
If you apply more powder, then the effect of age will start showing on your face faster. Especially women with oily skin use it more. However, they should not be done because applying too much powder on oily areas can make your makeup look heavy and give your skin a greyish tone. Therefore, always apply the powder by sweeping the brush. It may take more than applying with a puff.

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