Makeup Tips: How to make your makeup waterproof in the rainy season, Know the best tips here...


Makeup Tips for Rainy Season: Women are very fond of doing makeup, but during the rainy season it becomes quite challenging for them to do makeup. It is common to get wet during the rainy season while going to the office or while traveling. The problem increases when you get drenched in the rain after applying makeup.


You should choose makeup products wisely this season. With this, you can make the makeup 'waterproof' along with enjoying the rain completely. Let us know some makeup tips about this.

Follow these makeup tips in the rain
1. If you have oily skin, astringent lotion or powder can be used to give the final touch to the makeup before applying foundation. This will make your makeup last longer. Soaking in water will not harm the face.

2. After applying face powder, press the entire face with a wet sponge. This will set the powder on your face and will last for a long time. Even if you get wet in the rain, it will not come off your face.

3. Instead of loose powder, compact powder lasts longer and gives a smoother finish. Carry compact powder to give a touch of makeup.

4. Liquid eyeliners last longer than eye pencils. The lipstick lasts for a long time before applying foundation to the lips. Keep this in mind too.

5. During the rainy season, there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere and the possibility of sweating is also high. So do minimal makeup and try to increase the glow in natural ways.


6. After getting wet in the rain, remove the makeup carefully and then clean the face with face wash. The face must be cleaned with a face wash twice a day. This will not cause skin problems.

7. In this season you should eat lots of seasonal fruits and drink juice. This will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Keeping yourself hydrated can also make the skin glowing. You can enjoy the monsoon by taking care of small things.

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