Makeup Tips: Follow these makeup tips to hide a double chin, you will get the best look in minutes...


Makeup Tips: Usually women use makeup to look beautiful. However, sometimes makeup works to give you the best look as well as to change the texture of the face. Yes, from highlighting the cheeks to giving a sharp look to the eyes and nose, makeup can prove to be very helpful. In this episode, if you want, you can also use makeup to hide the double chin.


Even after carrying the best look many times, most women feel uncomfortable about their double chin. However, you can try exercise to reduce your double chin. However, it may take some time to reduce the double chin. In such a situation, makeup can help you a lot in hiding the double chin during any special occasion. So let's know the ways to hide a double chin with makeup.

Try Contour
You can use the contour of a good brand to hide the double chin. For this, blend the contour from the chin under the face, and take it to the jawline and ears. On the other hand, you can blend the contour on the neck to make the chin, neck, and face look the same.

Take help of bronzer
You can also use a good brand of bronzer to hide the double chin. But, before using bronzer, do not forget to keep its texture in mind. Let us tell you that matte textured and creamy textured bronzer is best to hide a double chin.

Chin shading
To hide the double chin, it is necessary to shed it during makeup. For this, you can use 2 shades darker than the skin tone. But, keep in mind that shading the light can be a problem in hiding the double chin. At the same time, the use of liquid shade on a double chin can also be best.

Use lipstick
You can also hide a double chin with the help of lipstick. In such a situation, by applying the lipstick of dark shades like red, brown, and maroon during makeup, people's attention will be on your lips and no one will be able to notice the double chin.


Stay away from shimmery bronzer
To hide a double chin, you can use a matte shade or creamy bronzer. But keep in mind that shimmery bronzer highlights your double chin even more. That's why don't forget to use shimmery bronzer.

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