Makeup Tips: Body stretch marks can be hide with makeup, know how...


Stretch marks often bother women. Abdomen. Sometimes stretch marks also appear on the waist, thigh, and upper part of the hand. Due to this, it becomes difficult to wear the desired clothes. There are many creams available on the market to get rid of these unsightly-looking stretch marks. But even these marks do not completely disappear from the body. If you want to hide the stretch marks on your body. Then use makeup. These stretch marks can be easily hidden with the help of makeup. So let's learn how to do makeup.


Stretch marks are very deep on the body. Therefore, first, moisturize the stretch marks part of the body with the help of a primer. By the way, do not apply primer near the armpits and stomach if you want. But the base foundation with primer is very good and with full coverage. Therefore, use a primer to hide stretch marks.

Instead of applying foundation on your face, take a foundation with full coverage according to the skin tone. Because stretch marks are very deep and do not hide quickly. To apply liquid foundation. They spread quickly and easily and will cover the entire area. According to the price, they will also be cheap.

Color corrector
If the stretch marks are black or red, then use a green color corrector on them. This will allow them to hide easily. Before applying the foundation, apply the color corrector on the marked area. Then apply foundation base on top of it.


Setting powder
Lastly, cover with setting powder. By the way, if the stretch marks are very light, then they can also be hidden with the help of setting powder only. Before applying setting powder, apply CC cream to the marked area. So that the skin there starts to look smooth.

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