Love Marriage: Advantages and disadvantages of love marriage, know important things before marriage...


Love Marriage Benefits And Side Effects: Love marriage means love marriage, it is clear from the name itself that a marriage in which the boy and the girl already love each other and choose each other as their life partner. In a love marriage, the bride and groom already know each other. With or without the consent of the family, they tie the knot with each other. There are many advantages and disadvantages of a love marriage. If you want to do love marriage with someone, then know the advantages and disadvantages of a love marriage.


Getting the desired partner- In a love marriage, people marry the partner of their choice. In an arranged marriage, family members search for a life partner, but in a love marriage, the boy or girl chooses the life partner of their choice and marries with mutual consent.

Know and understand the partner- In a love marriage, you choose your partner, so you get to know the partner better. You already know about your life partner. You know and understand their likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and behavior. However, in an arranged marriage, you take time to understand your partner.

Lots of love- It is necessary to have love in the bond of marriage. In an arranged marriage, you don't know your life partner, so you don't fall in love with your partner in the initial days. But love marriage happens only because of love between the couple. A lot of love is seen in love marriage before marriage and after marriage. In an arranged marriage, where love happens slowly, then in a love marriage, love grows more and more.

Reduction in fighting- In a love marriage, couples know each other well in advance, so there are very few cases, due to which there are fights between them. When you do not know your partner, then you do something that the partner does not like. Due to this, there are quarrels in married couples. But in a love marriage this possibility remains less and quarrels are less.

disadvantages of love marriage
Distance from family- If the love marriage happens without the consent of the family members, then the loving couple may have to face trouble. In such a situation people get separated from their families. They do not get along with their parents and the family turns against their marriage. Especially if the marriage is taking place with a partner of another caste or religion, then the distance from the family increases.

Fear of loss of love- Two people marry each other because of love, but the fear of loss of love remains in their mind. In arranged marriage, love grows gradually but in love marriage, the possibility of the couple's attraction and attachment toward each other increases. After marriage, the fear of not being able to fulfill the expectations of the partner also remains.

Society's behavior- Even though love marriage is common in this era, but if marriage happens between religion or other opposite circumstances, then people start considering this type of marriage as a threat to society. The couple had a love marriage may also have to face the indifference of society. Society starts considering them as criminals and can point fingers at their relationships and rituals.


Disagreement between families- In an arranged marriage, the families find a match for either the boy or the girl. In such a situation, attention is paid to the spouse as well as their family, relatives, and every important aspect. But in a love marriage, people search for a life partner for themselves. In most love marriages, the couple's focus is only on each other, not on their families' thinking, living tolerance or cultures. In such a situation, the possibility of estrangement between the families of both increases after marriage.

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