Kitchen Vastu Tips: Where should keep the microwave in the kitchen? Know the rules related to Vastu...


In modern times all kitchens are also filled with modern appliances. Usually, all kitchens nowadays have things like a fridge, toaster, mixer grinder, gas stove, water purifier or RO, and microwave. In Vastu, the direction of bigger things related to the house has been told. In such a situation, if you keep kitchen appliances in the given direction and place according to Vastu, then it keeps positivity at home. According to Vastu, if the things related to the kitchen are kept in order as well as kept in the right direction, then the kitchen is said to be free from Vastu defects. Know from Vastu expert Pandit Govind Pandey what is the right direction to keep the microwave.


Keep Microwave according to Vastu
There are questions in the mind of many people that why it is necessary to keep the microwave in the right direction according to Vastu. Let us tell you that it is very important to keep the kitchen free from Vastu defects because diseases, grief, and money are generated due to Vastu defects. The microwave connected to the kitchen should also be kept in the proper place according to Vastu.

What is the right direction to keep the microwave?
According to Vastu, the most appropriate direction to keep the microwave is in the southeast direction. Keeping a microwave in this direction automatically starts transmitting positive energy. Apart from this, you can also keep the microwave in the east direction.


Do not keep the microwave in this direction even by mistake
You have come to know about the right direction to keep the microwave oven, but to avoid Vastu defects, also know about which direction of the kitchen should not be placed in the microwave. A microwave placed in the west direction is not considered correct according to Vastu. Keeping a microwave in this direction ends happiness in the house. Also, the microwave should not be kept in the north direction.

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