Kitchen Hacks: How to remove insects hidden in green vegetables? Follow these simple kitchen hacks..


Kitchen Hacks: Small insects are often seen in green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and peas. Sometimes they get caught, but sometimes due to distraction, they are not noticed. If these insects remain in the vegetables for a long time, they start spoiling, rotting and hollowing them. These insects are so small in size that sometimes they are not visible. The consumption of vegetables with insects has bad effects on our health. Here are some easy kitchen hacks, using which you will be able to remove any kind of insects from green vegetables like spinach and cauliflower before cooking them.


1. How to remove insects from cauliflower
Insects hidden in vegetables like cauliflower are very harmful to health. It is necessary to remove insects before cooking. Before cooking, check every layer of cauliflower properly. So that no worm gets trapped in them.

Cauliflower has the maximum number of insects. That's why it should be thoroughly tested before consumption. Cut them into big pieces, so that you can easily detect the presence of insects.
Take hot water in a vessel and put at least one teaspoon of salt in it. After this, put pieces of cabbage in this water and leave it like this for some time. If there are insects in the vegetable, then you will see small insects coming up in the water.

Apart from this, you can mix salt and turmeric powder in lukewarm water and put cauliflower in it for some time. Due to this, all the insects will automatically start appearing outside.

2. How to remove insects from leafy vegetables
There are many health benefits of eating green leafy vegetables in winter. Although cutting and washing the leaves like spinach is a very difficult task. Sometimes small insects are hidden on the leaves, which are not easily visible. If you are thinking of cooking greens of mustard or spinach leaves, then first leave these vegetables in salt water for some time. Leave the vegetables in salt water for at least 10-15 minutes. After this, wash it thoroughly two to three times with plain water and cook it.


3. How to remove insects from cabbage
It has been said in some research that the insects present in cabbage can prove to be very harmful to health. These insects work to harm the brain. That's why while cutting cabbage, make sure to remove the top two layers of it. Cut cabbage and dip it in lukewarm water containing turmeric and leave it for some time. Then after 15 minutes take it out in another utensil and then wash it 1-2 times with plain water. In this way all the dirt will be removed from the vegetable and insects will also be removed.

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