Kitchen Hacks: Garlic can be peeled in seconds without any hassle, know easy methods...


Garlic is used in Indian cuisine. It is used not only to bring tests in food but also because of its many medicinal properties. But peeling garlic also has to face many problems. Most people waste a lot of time peeling garlic. That's why we have come up with some such tricks adopting which you can easily peel up to kilos of garlic.


-The easiest way is to separate the garlic buds from their flowers one at a time.
-After 57 minutes, take out the cloves of garlic and let it cool down.
-Now put the garlic buds on the palm and rub them among themselves. In no time, all the peel of garlic will come off easily.

-Another way is to put garlic cloves in a glass jar and shake it vigorously. Soon all the skin will come off.

-You can also put all the garlic cloves in the microwave for a minute. When the garlic comes out after roasting, then the peel will also start coming off.


-Rolling the garlic on a rubber mat for some time removes its peel easily.

-Apart from this, one way is to put garlic buds in a bowl. Place another bowl upside down on top of that bowl. Then shake it fast, the peel will come off immediately.

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