Kitchen Hacks: Cream to butter and butter to ghee will be made in few minutes, try these amazing tips in winter


Health benefits of butter: There is a lot of damage to the skin and hair in the winter season. In cold weather, the skin becomes dry and the risk of damage increases. Because of this, the glow of your skin disappears. Along with this, the body seems to be withered all the time. Winters do not prove to be very beneficial for hair. Dandruff increases in the hair in this season due to which the hair becomes dry and starts breaking. Let us tell you that butter can remove these problems of skin and hair. Most of the butter and ghee in the market are adulterated, so the method of making butter and ghee at home is being told here. By using these tips, butter and ghee will be prepared in a few minutes.


How to make pure butter at home
To make butter at home, first, take out the cream from the milk and keep it in a separate utensil. Collect cream for 4 to 5 days and keep it in the fridge daily. When the quantity of cream becomes high, take it out again and leave it for 4 to 5 hours. After this, mix the cream properly and make a smooth paste out of it. When you start churning the cream, make a ball of butter and keep it aside. Keeping the butter separate, remember to put it in cold water. Now take out the butter from cold water and keep it in a separate vessel and heat it. When the pan starts heating up, ghee will automatically start coming out of the butter. When ghee separates from butter completely, filter it and keep it in a separate utensil.


Which ghee should be used?
You can use ghee for cooking. You can apply it to the skin. You can eat it by putting it in food or applying it to bread. Let us tell you that people whose metabolism is not good, should consume cow's ghee. If your metabolism is fine then you should use buffalo ghee.

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