Kids Health Care: Emotional detachment can ruin the lives of children, know about this problem...


When Child Emotionally Detached: The things said in childhood teach a person a lifetime. Especially when we are entering adolescence and face a lot of ups and downs emotionally, the behavior of parents influences the changing personality of children to a great extent. It is from here that either love and attachment towards the family arises in their mind or the feeling of separation. California psychologist Emily Sender said on her social media that many adults still consider themselves strange because of not able to express themselves and experience feelings of isolation. Childhood experiences affect their behavior till they grow up. In such a situation, we must allow the growing children to tell their feelings and make them feel safe.


These situations create isolation in children
-When the child is very upset and is told that 'Oh wow you are absolutely fine.'

-When he needs comfort but he is scared of his closest ones.

-When the child is told to stop crying.

-When people do not respect the feelings of the child.

-When the child is told what kind of experience he should feel.

-The child should be punished for expressing his feelings.

- The child should not be given a chance to express his feelings.

- The child should be asked to focus on the fact that he should take care of the feelings of his parents.

-When there is no environment to express healthy emotions at home.

How to avoid emotional detachment?
It is necessary for us to have someone who makes us feel good, understands our feelings, and gives us a chance to speak freely and express our feelings. When we share such experiences with our parents even in childhood, then we do not feel lonely throughout life and we can share our feelings in a better way. If this does not happen, the child always remains restless inside and remains scared.


Effect of emotional detachment
Sometimes children learn to live in bad times and they do not have any problem facing fear. But its effect is not good for his future life. Especially when they have to make new friends or new relationships etc. In such a situation, children do not even understand how to express their feelings.

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