Kids Corner: Make potato chips at home for kids, very easy to make, know the method...


If children and elders of the house like potato chips so much, then they can be prepared at home by making them in less oil. So let's learn how to prepare potato chips in less oil.

Potato Chips Ingredients
Three to four medium-sized potatoes, salt, and slicer.


How to make Potato Chips
To make potato chips, first, wash the potatoes. Then peel them with the help of a knife. Soak the peeled potatoes in water. This stops the process of oxidation. Then cut these peeled potatoes into thin round shapes with the help of a knife. If you have a slicer, take its help. And prepare by cutting thin chips.


Now soak all the cut potatoes in salted water and keep them. After some time spread all the potato pieces on the paper napkin and dry them in the fan. When they are dry in the fan, cook them in the microwave. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the potato pieces before cooking them in the microwave. Then cook them at high temperatures. Or heat oil in a pan and cook potato pieces on low flame. When they become a little golden, increase the flame of the gas and make them crunchy. Then take out all these fried chips into a steel sieve and keep them. So that all the oil is filtered and the chips remain crunchy.

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