Kaju Pista Roll Recipe: Make special cashew pistachio roll dessert for guests at home, this is the recipe...


We tell you how you can easily make this famous sweet dish at home, so let's tell you the recipe for cashew pistachio roll, which you can prepare at home and rob the guests of applause.


Cashew Pistachio Roll is such a sweet, for which you do not even need many things. All you need to make this sweet is cashews, pistachios, ghee, sugar, and cardamom. Whose quantity is something like this?
Cashew powder = 2 cups
Khoya = 1 2/5 cups
Pistachios = 1 cup
Sugar = 1 1/3 cup
Green cardamom = one teaspoon
silver work = two sheets

First of all, put cashews and pistachios in a mixer jar and make powder out of it. Add cashew pistachio powder little by little and keep straining it through a sieve, so that the thick pieces get separated. Now keep these thick pieces separately. Then put these thick pieces in the jar and grind them.

Now put sugar in a pan and add 1/2 cup water. Turn on the gas and let it dissolve on low flame. Keep stirring it in between. When the sugar dissolves in water, add cashew pistachio powder to it and cook it on a low flame until it reaches a freezing consistency. When the paste becomes thick, take it out with a spoon once and check. Slow down the gas and put cardamom powder and ghee in it. Now, if the paste has reached a solid consistency, then turn off the gas and spread it on a plate with ghee at the bottom. This will make the paste cool quickly.


Now spread butter paper to set the roll, grease it with ghee and take the cooled paste and place it around on the butter paper. Now roll it with light hands. Try to roll it into a square by twisting it and when it remains 3 to 4 cm thick, keep it in a cool place, so that it sets. After it cools down, cut it into the shape of a diamond with a knife.

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