Iron Deficiency: Do this work to save children from iron deficiency, know what are the symptoms..


​Iron Deficiency Symptoms: Every parent wishes that their child should be healthy. But often children are surrounded by different types of diseases, due to which the children remain upset. Today we are going to tell here what problems can arise due to iron deficiency in the body of children as well as what are their symptoms.


Iron is a very important mineral, which is very important for the development of the body. If iron is deficient in a child, then he can also become a victim of anaemia. Experts say that iron provides essential energy in daily life. Also, the body cannot make iron itself. Hence it is obtained by eating. If there is not the right amount of iron in the body, then children can also become a victim of anaemia. Apart from this, gums start turning black due to their deficiency, the weight starts decreasing and the child falls ill again and again. In such a situation, do consult a doctor. Iron deficiency affects the development of the child.

Contains the sufficient amount of iron in quality
Experts say that eating foods containing vitamin C helps in binding iron in the blood. That's why children can be fed Amla, Orange, Kiwi etc. Apart from this, qualities should be fed. The quality contains a sufficient amount of iron. An iron pan or utensil should be used for cooking. Pregnant women should take iron folic acid medicine available at government health centres. Due to this the amount of iron in both the unborn child and the pregnant woman remains correct.


What are the symptoms of iron deficiency
feeling tired or weak
swollen tongue
yellowing of the baby's skin, lips or hands
difficulty maintaining body temperature

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