Internal Bleeding: Due to these reasons internal bleeding can happen in the body, never ignore these problems...


Symptoms Of Internal Bleeding: Whenever there are an injury and bleeding starts, we get an idea of ​​how deep the injury is and we call it bleeding. But instead of flowing out due to injury or any other reason, if the blood remains inside the body or there is a leakage of blood, then it is called internal bleeding. You must have heard this term very rarely, but let us tell you that internal bleeding can be of many types and in this, we do not know at what level the bleeding is happening. Sometimes internal bleeding can be very dangerous, so we need to know why internal bleeding occurs in the body and how it can be detected.

What is internal bleeding?
When blood comes out from the blood vessels but it is not visible on any external part of the body, rather it accumulates inside the body, then it is called internal bleeding. Internal bleeding is usually not detected from the outside. How dangerous it depends on where the internal bleeding is happening.
These are the reasons for internal bleeding
There can be many reasons for internal bleeding. Internal bleeding can occur due to any kind of injury. Apart from this, internal bleeding can also occur due to some kind of disease or deficiency inside the body. When there is a fracture in the body i.e. bones break, there is a possibility of internal bleeding in large quantities. Internal bleeding can also occur in the body in the condition of haemophilia. There are also some fevers like chikungunya and dengue which increase the chances of internal bleeding.
Symptoms of internal bleeding
Severe headache
poor eyesight
Shortness of breath
tingling in hands and feet
excessive sweating

Treatment of internal bleeding
Generally, internal bleeding is not a medical emergency, but if internal bleeding is happening in the head or blood clotting is happening in any part of the body, then you should consult a doctor without delay. Doctors can detect it through X-rays, CT scan. In minor bleeding, the doctor may advise you to take medication for a few days and rest for a few days, and if the bleeding is severe, then surgery can also be done.

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