Infertility Causes: Due to this reason the risk of infertility increases in men and women, be careful in time!


Infertility Causes: Due to the recent changing lifestyle, there are many adverse effects on health. Infertility is a good example of this. Changing lifestyle affects the fertility of men but you know. Another factor increases the risk of infertility. What is that reason? Today we will know about it-


The body needs hormones because hormones keep the body functioning. Many people, whether men or women, experience the problem of infertility when one hormone becomes critical and that is low testosterone. Normal testosterone levels are essential for a man's or a woman's muscle mass, sexual vigour, fertility, lean muscle mass, metabolism, energy, and immunity. All of these are adversely affected when testosterone is low.

Due to the run-of-the-mill life, wrong eating habits, wrong lifestyle and increasing stress, the cases of infertility in men are also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, if infertility is detected in time, then with the right treatment, the chances of pregnancy can be increased. We are telling you about those signs and symptoms from which you can know whether you are suffering from infertility…

Symptoms of infertility in women
Irregular periods
severe pain during intercourse
heavy periods with increased pain
The very dark or light colour of menstrual blood
change in hormones
signs of infertility in men
s*s drive reduction
pain or swelling in the testicles
trouble maintaining an erection
the problem of erectile dysfunction
problem with ejaculation
Decrease in the volume of ejaculated spermatic fluid

Symptoms of Low Testosterone
erectile dysfunction in men
excessive belly fat
memory lapses
feeling tired
blurring of vision
reluctance to have sex
excessive sweating
slowing of metabolism
muscle weakness problem

These habits keep testosterone under control
get enough sleep
cut calories
reduce stress


Take a Vitamin D3 Supplement
sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes daily
do high-intensity workouts
Consume protein and good carbs-fat
Do high-interval training and weight training 5 days a week

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