Indian Railways Interesting Facts: How much information do you have about railways, test it here...


Indian Railways works to transport lakhs of people from one place to another every day. Railways have an important contribution to the country's economy or travel related to people. For the past several years, Indian Railways has been the flag bearer of India's growth story. But do you know that there are some such facts about railways which people do not even know? If you have good knowledge of general knowledge or if you are preparing for any competitive exam, then today we are going to tell you some such facts related to Indian Railways, about which you will be surprised to know.


A station falling in two states
There is also a railway station in the country which shares its border with two states. The name of this station is Navapur, half of which falls in Maharashtra and half in Gujarat.

Country's slowest train
The speed of the slowest running train in the country is 10 kmph. This train is a train passing through the mountains, whose name is Mettupalayam Otti Nilgiri Passenger. At its speed, fast people can climb and descend the mountain on foot.

India's Longest Rail Tunnel Indian Railway Longest Tunnel
India's longest rail tunnel is located in Pir Panjal of Jammu and Kashmir. Its total length is 11.215 km.

The network of railways is bigger than the size of the earth
If the tracks of Indian Railways are connected one after the other, then their length will be 1.5 times more than the size of the earth.

Yatrigan Kripya Dhyan De - whose voice is this?
Yatrigan Kripya Dhyan De  that the voice heard at railway stations and platforms is of Sarla Chaudhary.


Late train Indian Railway
The most late train in the country is Guwahati Trivandrum Express which usually runs late by 10 to 12 hours.

Cyber ​​Attack on Railway Website Cyber ​​Attack on IRCTC
There are more than 12 lakh hits per minute on the railway website. There are also lakhs of cyber on it, but the railway website keeps running continuously.

Which station has the largest name?
Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta station in Odisha is the largest among all railway stations in India. At the same time, the name of the smallest railway station is Ib IB.

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