Income Tax Update: Now you will be able to file returns with an expert sitting at home, a great feature on the Income Tax Portal...


-Taxpayers face the most difficulty in filing income tax returns i.e. ITR. Now the Income Tax Department has solved this problem of taxpayers through technology. The Income Tax Department has launched a new feature on its website, which will give great relief to taxpayers who file income tax returns.


-The Income Tax Department has launched the co-browsing feature on its official website e-filing. With its help, taxpayers will be able to connect with their experts in real time and seek their help.

-This feature will allow the ITR filer to connect directly and personally with his expert or CA. With this, taxpayers will be able to talk to their CA or advisor sitting at home. Your expert will be able to type, scroll and do all other work on the site and you can give him directions.

-With the co-browsing feature, taxpayers will be able to take the advice of their experts and CAs even on live chat and phone calls. The most important thing is that through this feature even a person sitting far away can fill in ITR on the Income Tax Portal with the advice of his expertise in real-time.

-In this feature, the facility to fill forms, change settings, complete transactions, and upload documents will also be available. The co-using agent or CA will not be able to see any other information on the desktop or laptop of the income taxpayer. The taxpayer can stop using this facility whenever he wants.


-There is no need for both parties using this feature to download any third app or take the help of any other third-party application. However, this would be different from screen sharing. In this, the agent or expert will not be able to see the entire screen of the taxpayer, but only the active window.

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