How to take care of Twins: Mother of twins, so make your routine like this, know here...


How to take care of Twins: Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world for every girl. After becoming a mother, your life becomes colorful. But becoming a mother is no less than a challenge. This is because after becoming a mother, many responsibilities increase in your life and you are not able to give time to yourself, meanwhile your sleep is also affected a lot. This role becomes more difficult when you give birth to twins. Meanwhile, you have the dual responsibility of taking care of two children and yourself.


5 ways you can take care of your kids
1. Set a Time

You will have to steal some time to give yourself some rest, to do this keep the sleeping and feeding schedule of both the babies together. According to the doctor, when one child wakes up for feeding, wake up the other and feed. You can use twin feeding pillows to make the process easier while feeding the babies.

2. Get Family Help
This is such a time when you find it difficult to handle the children alone, so take the help of family members. Ask family or friends to stay with you for a while. You can also hire a helper for help, this will make it a little easier for you to take care of the child. However, for now, you focus only on the child.

3. Online shopping is a good option
After the arrival of a new guest in the house, basic items are also needed for him like diapers, wipes, and baby powder, in such a situation it is not possible for you to go to the market to buy these things again and again. Therefore online shopping is a good option for you, along with this you also get good discounts here.

4. Gender Neutral Clothing
If twins are boys and girls, then these tips are very useful for you. Being gender neutral, you can wear any outfit for your child. This will give you some rest time and you will not have to worry for both the children because the clothes of both the children will be clean. Plus, you don't even have to worry about sorting clothes for your kids.


5. Adopt children in turn
Every child loves being in the lap and it is necessary to strengthen the bond between mother and children. However, having both the kids in your arms all the time can tire you very quickly. Therefore, when you take one child in your lap, let the other play in the cradle and when the child lying in the cradle starts crying, take him in your lap and make the other child lie down.

Having twins doubles your happiness as well as doubles your responsibility. In such a situation, you can get relief by following the simple tips given by us.

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