Home Vastu Tips: If the rooms of the house are made in these directions, then there will be the welfare of the house, know here...


Home Vastu Tips: Information related to Vastu Shastra land and building construction has been given. In this, along with the symptoms of auspicious and inauspicious land and building, measures to make the land auspicious are mentioned. The proper method and direction of building construction have also been explained. According to Vastu Shastra, if the building is not in the right way and direction, then it can become cause physical, financial, and mental problems for the landlord. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you the direction of building construction, based on which making rooms is considered auspicious in every way.


Direction of building according to Vastu shastra
According to Pandit Ramchandra Joshi, the location of 16 types of rooms has been fixed in Vastu Shastra, which is considered auspicious for the landlord in every way to build them at the same place. These places and directions are as follows:-
Place of worship: Ishan angle i.e. North East direction.

Welcome Class: North East or the middle of the east direction.

Bathhouse: East direction.

Place of churning of ghee and curd: The place between the east direction and southeast angle i.e. north-east.

Kitchen: South-east direction.

Ghee, oil, and grinding place: The place between the southeast angle and the south direction.
Bedroom: South direction.

Toilet: Southwest angle means southwest or south direction.

Armory: Southwest angle.

Study room: Between the southwest corner and the western direction.

Dining room: West direction.

Assembly Room: West direction and North-West angle i.e. the middle place of South-West.

Grain store or animal house: Northwest angle.

Bedroom: The middle place of the north-west corner and north direction.

Money collection room: North direction.

Pharmacy: Between North and Northeast.


Auspicious size of land for building
According to Pandit Joshi, a person should also keep in mind the auspicious shape of the land at the time of building construction. From this point of view, circular, square, rectangular, and cow-faced land has been considered best for residence and lion-faced land for business.

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