Healthy Breakfast: 1 bowl of curd keeps the stomach healthy, make paratha in this way and include it in the diet..


How To Make Dahi Paratha: Paratha is one of the Indian traditional food. People usually like to eat Paratha for breakfast. There are many varieties of Paratha like- Aloo Paratha, Cabbage Paratha, Methi Paratha, Bathua Paratha, Masala Paratha or Dal Paratha etc. But have you ever tasted Dahi Paratha? If not, then today we have brought you the recipe for making Dahi Paratha. A good amount of protein and calcium is present in curd, so its consumption keeps your bones strong. Along with this, it also helps you in reducing weight. Not only this, but curd also keeps your digestion better, so let's know (How To Make Dahi Paratha) the method of making Dahi Paratha...


Ingredients required to make Dahi Paratha-
2 bowl of wheat flour
1 cup curd
1/2 bowl of leftover lentils
1 onion finely chopped
3 green chillies chopped
1/4 tsp ajwain
1/4 cup turmeric
1/2 bowl desi ghee
2 tbsp coriander leaves
1 tbsp mint


How to make Dahi Paratha? (How To Make Dahi Paratha)
To make Dahi Paratha, first, sift wheat flour in a vessel.
Then add finely chopped onion, green chilli, celery, turmeric, 3-4 tsp desi ghee and salt as per taste to this flour.
After this, mix all these things well.
Then add finely chopped mint, coriander leaves, curd and lentils to it.
After this, mix all these things well and knead the dough with the help of water as required.
Then cover this dough and keep it for about 10 minutes to set.
After this, make balls out of it and roll it like a paratha.
Then put some broken ghee on a nonstick pan/griddle and heat it on medium flame.
After this, put the rolled paratha on a hot griddle and apply ghee on both sides.
Then cook the paratha till it turns golden brown from both sides.
Now your delicious curd paratha is ready.
Then serve it hot with your favourite chutney.

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