Health: Tired of feeling hungry all the time? Know the reason here...


Reasons Why You're Always Hungry: Being hungry is a natural thing, but if you keep feeling hungry even after eating, it can harm your health. Due to food cravings, the risk of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease increases. According to Healthline, when there is a shortage of protein, good fat, fiber etc. in the body, then because of this hunger cravings do not go away even after eating. Here we tell you why some people feel hungry even after eating food.


Being hungry all the time
Lack of protein in the body
If you are not taking enough protein in your diet, then you may feel hungry soon after eating. Actually, protein has appetite-reducing elements that help you to spend calories throughout the day. Protein increases the production of hormones that work to increase appetite.

Lack of sleep
Adequate sleep is also very important for good health. When we sleep better then our immunity remains strong and the brain is able to work well. It also works to control our appetite. Hunger hormones do not stay under control due to less sleep and one feels hungry all the time.

Refined carb intake
Refined carbs lack fiber and fluctuate in blood sugar. Because of which one feels hungry again and again.


Fat reduction
Fat is an essential element in keeping the stomach full. It slows down your digestion and increases the hormones that make the stomach feel full. For this, include good fat i.e. olive oil, egg, avocado, curd etc in your diet.

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