Health Tips: Uric Acid treats many diseases, know which level is dangerous for the body and how to control it?


How to Control Uric Acid: Uric acid is an important part of our metabolic process. Due to the rapidly changing routine and diet, the level of uric acid in the body increases. With the increase in uric acid, many diseases also surround us. The increase in uric acid is very harmful for a healthy body. Uric acid is a waste material found in the blood and due to its increase in its amount in the blood, the problem of pain in our joints arises.


According to the Cleveland Clinic, uric acid is not filtered in the human body and it starts accumulating in the form of crystals in our joints. Many times you must have heard complaints of gout from people, this problem is also due to increase in uric acid. We consume many such foods in our daily life, which promote uric acid, due to which we have problems. Consumption of such substances should be avoided.

Uric acid can cause these diseases
Increased uric acid in the body can lead to the problem of uric acid stones. We can detect uric acid stone by doing ultrasound. In common language it is called stone. If its size is less then it can come out of the urinary tract, but if the size is large then it closes the passage of urine and there is a possibility of kidney damage due to this. Uric acid stones can cause kidney disease.

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Apart from this, due to the increase in the amount of uric acid in the body, there are problems of pain in the joints, swelling in the legs. It also causes unbearable pain in the toe. Prickling is also felt on the fingers of the hands.


Causes of High Uric Acid
The biggest reason for increasing uric acid in the body is our diet. People who consume more than a limited amount of meat, alcohol, sweets, ice cream, sugary drinks, its problem is found more in them. Sometimes uric acid increases due to excessive stress and also due to kidney related diseases. Uric acid increases due to the high amount of purines in the foods and all the mentioned foods are found in abundance in purines.

What is the normal level of uric acid?
The level of uric acid in the body of women and men is different. Its normal level for women ranges from 1.5 to 6.0 mgdl, while for men 2.5 to 7.0 mgdl is the normal level. It can also be detected by a blood test known as serum uric acid test. When the level of uric acid in the human body reaches 9.5 mg, then it becomes harmful for us.

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