Health Tips: Try these home remedies to stop bleeding from injury, you will get instant relief...


Accidental injuries often happen while working in daily life. If the injury is minor, it gets cured automatically. But if it is more then it becomes difficult to stop the blood. Bleeding is common after injury and it is also necessary to stop the bleeding quickly, otherwise, there may be problems of weakness, unconsciousness or blood clots. In such a problem, you should do some first aid from your side. So today in this episode we are going to tell you about some such home remedies which will help in stopping bleeding. Let's know about these tips...


Use of aloe vera
Use aloe vera to stop bleeding. Take out the gel from the aloe vera leaf and apply it to the injured area. Before applying anything to the wound, you should clean the wound thoroughly, clean the wound and apply something only when it is dry.

Use of ice
By applying ice to the injury, the veins there shrink and the flow of blood stops. A blood clot forms there and the bleeding stops immediately. For this, instead of applying ice directly on the injury, it would be better to wrap the ice in a dry cotton cloth and apply it on the injury.


Use of tea bags
Tea is not just for drinking, its use can also stop bleeding. Tannins are found in tea, which is hemostatic, that is, they turn blood into clots. Not only this, but astringent is also found in tannin, due to which the blood vessels shrink. With its help, bacteria are also eliminated and it also keeps the injured area free from infection. For this, applying wet black tea helps in stopping bleeding. Bleeding can also be stopped by dry green tea bags.

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