Health Tips: These easy remedies will give you instant heat in the bitter cold, winter will go away!


Remedies to Cure Cold: The problem of cough and cold is common in the winter season. Often, due to the weakness of the immunity system, the change in the weather becomes a cause of trouble for people. This problem increases so much that people have to seek the help of a doctor. But if you pay attention to it in the beginning, then you can get relief from the problem of cold and cold. For this, you can prepare a panacea while sitting at home. With these home remedies, the common cold gets cured.


Due to cold and flu, there may be problems with a watery nose, sore throat, itching, headache, burning sensation in the eyes, cough and sneezing. However, it can be easily overcome with home remedies.

Hot milk mixed with turmeric can prove to be very helpful in this situation. By drinking this, one gets relief from the problem of a sore throat and a blocked nose. Along with this, the problem of the running nose also ends.

Consuming basil is a panacea for cold. Make a decoction by grinding basil leaves. This decoction will give relief from cold and flu. Apart from this, mix basil and honey in ginger juice and eat it. This also gives relief in cold and flu.


Mix fenugreek and linseed in equal quantities and boil after boiling, putting 2 to 3 drops in the nose can provide relief in cold. Apart from this, boil ajwain mixed with turmeric and then mix jaggery in it and consume it. This also helps in curing colds and flu.

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