Health Tips: Tamarind seems very spicy to eat, but these people should not consume tamarind even by mistake..


Side Effect Of Eating Tamarind: On hearing the name of tamarind, water comes into the mouth. Its taste is so spicy and sour that anyone can be restless to eat it. Especially women like tamarind very much, though it is used for flavouring in soup, and sambar, but in excess. Its use can leave harmful effects. Most people do not know about it. Consuming 10 grams of tamarind daily is safe, but due to the taste, of those who consume it in excess, its side effects start appearing on the body. Apart from this, the consumption of tamarind should be avoided in some medical conditions as well... Let us know which people should not eat tamarind and what effect it can have on the body.


There may be a problem with the teeth- Such people who have problems with teeth, should not consume tamarind. Consuming tamarind can spoil the texture of the teeth. Apart from this, the enamel of the teeth can be damaged. Yes, there may be a possibility of corrosion due to the acid component in the enamel of the teeth.

Allergy problem- Many people like tamarind very much, but do you know that it can also cause allergies, allergy is one of the most common disadvantages of tamarind. After eating it, problems like ringworm, itching, swelling, vomiting, and shortness of breath can occur.

Digestive problems- Tamarind is an acidic fruit. Tamarind contains tannins and other compounds which can make digestion difficult. When it is eaten, the level of acid in the gastrointestinal tract increases in the stomach. Flatulence occurs. Digestive problems like acid reflux may occur, so it is better to keep a distance from it.

Affect the effect of medicines- Some medical conditions like if you are taking any pain-relieving medicine or taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, then do not consume tamarind at all, otherwise, tamarind can affect the effectiveness of these medicines.


Problems in diabetes and pregnancy- Excess consumption of tamarind can reduce blood sugar levels. If sugar patients are already taking any medicine for diabetes, then they should avoid consuming tamarind. Apart from this, pregnant and lactating women are also prohibited from eating tamarind because the name tamarind is included in hot food, which can cause heat in the body, which can harm the fetus.

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