Health Tips: No BP, no diabetes, no cholesterol, then why are youths suddenly getting heart attacks? know from expert..


Bad diet and deteriorating lifestyle are making people a victim of heart disease at an early age. Recently, many such cases have been seen in which youth died due to sudden heart attacks. You know that this problem of heart attack is also happening in those youths who do not have blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol problem, yet they are getting a heart attack.


Recently, a case has come to light in Delhi in which a 42-year-old man suffered cardiac arrest while driving. Dr Mukesh Goyal, Senior Consultant, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi told that when this young man was brought to the hospital, the young man had almost 100 per cent blockage in his arteries. The patient was saved by timely angioplasty. Now the question arises how did he get heart disease at such a young age?

Dr Mukesh Goyal says that this was a very critical case as the patient's condition was deteriorating every minute. He was in a state of repeated cardiac arrest and despite multiple shock treatments and CPR, his condition was not stabilising. Even when he was being transferred to Apollo, we were doing rapid treatment with the patient. Even during the procedure of angioplasty, we were constantly massaging her and giving them shocks.

Dr Goyal says that this young patient had a silent heart attack. Silent heart attacks can cause 30 to 40 per cent plaque in the arteries. The symptoms of this heart attack are not visible. Cholesterol levels may also be normal in a silent heart attack or may not be as dangerous. Stress can be the biggest reason for this problem. Stress leads to the formation of a blood clot and this clot can become large in a short time, due to which the blood supply in the arteries stops.


To avoid a silent heart attack, keep these things in mind: (keep these things in mind to avoid silent heart attack)
Be aware of youth health. To avoid a silent heart attack, do some regular checkups. For heart health, do check blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol.
Consult a doctor if you have chest pain or discomfort due to indigestion or acidity.
If you are a heart patient then take care of your diet. Include healthy foods in the diet. Consume foods rich in fibre.
If there is a problem with BP, keep checking your BP regularly and keep taking medicine.
Exercise regularly and keep the body active.
Stay away from the habit of smoking and intoxication like alcohol and cigarette.

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