Health Tips: Mustard oil can be beneficial for bones in winter, know other health benefits here...


Mustard Oil Health Benefits: Consuming mustard oil in the winter season is very beneficial for the body. It is used not only for eating but also for massage. This oil made from mustard seeds helps in keeping the body warm and also strengthens the bones. In earlier times, children and elders were massaged with mustard oil only during the winter season, but now people have started using olive oil. Mustard oil has anti-bacterial properties which can effectively prevent bacteria and fungus. Mustard oil is used not only in the country but also abroad because of its medicinal properties. It has many health benefits, let's know about them.


Make skin and hair healthy
Mustard oil can be used to improve the health of hair and skin. According to Healthline, along with using mustard oil in homemade face masks and hair treatments, adding it to wax can also heal cracked heels.

Pain reliever
Mustard oil contains allyl isothiocyanate, a chemical that can help reduce pain. Apart from this, it contains omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

Prevent cancer from growing
Mustard oil may help slow down the growth and development of certain types of cancer cells. Mustard oil can destroy cells affected by cancer.

Promotes heart health
Mustard oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids which are mostly found in nuts, seeds, and plants. It has many health benefits. It keeps the heart healthy and also plays a helpful role in reducing high BP and blood sugar levels.

Strengthen bones
Mustard oil is also beneficial for bones. Leg pain, joint pain, and arthritis pain can be relieved if mustard oil is heated and massaged. Apart from this, if a small child is massaged regularly, then his bones can be made strong.


Mustard oil is being used in India for centuries. As beneficial as it is in food, equally it is useful for massaging the skin and bones. It can be used in many problems.

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