Health Tips: Low level of uric acid can also cause trouble, know here about the disease caused by it...


Low Uric Acid: Uric acid is a waste produced in our body, which usually goes out of our body through urine, but when the kidney is not able to filter properly, it starts accumulating in the body. Uric acid also increases by consuming purine-rich foods. Due to its increase, there is a possibility of various diseases like kidney-related diseases, problems in joints, etc. Do you know that the increase in uric acid is not only a problem but even if its level decreases, there can be many problems?


According to Medical News Today, it is very rare for a person to have a low level of uric acid, but it can happen, so let's know what problems it can cause.

What problems can occur if uric acid is less than normal?
According to Medical News Today, the problem of low uric acid is seen in very few people. Fanconi syndrome can occur due to the low of this acid.

Fanconi syndrome
The most common medical condition caused due to low uric acid is known as Fanconi syndrome. This is a rare kidney disease. The kidneys of a person suffering from this disease are not able to absorb certain nutrients in the body. Due to this, the patient may have a lack of energy, dehydration, and bone-related problems. This disease can be caused due to excessive release of uric acid from the body through urine.


How is Fanconi syndrome treated?
To people suffering from this disease, doctors will advise a special treatment to increase the uric acid level. If the uric acid level is slightly less in the person, then it is not a matter of concern. But if it is much less than normal, then for this the doctor can ask the patient to follow a special diet. Along with this, the doctor can also give some medicines to the patient, which can treat the causes of low uric acid levels.

It is necessary to adopt the right diet for uric acid patients. Along with this, they should also follow a healthy lifestyle so that their uric acid level can be kept normal.

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