Health Tips: If you have dengue then drink this healthy drink to boost immunity, know here...


Drinks may help fight Dengue: Dengue cases are coming up in many states of the country. There is still no antiviral drug available for the treatment of dengue. In such a situation, to control the symptoms of dengue, fever, etc. can be reduced through oral rehydration and antipyretic therapy. Dengue patients are also advised to stay hydrated. For this, the intake of water should be at least 4 liters in a day. Also, drink some other healthy and nutritious drinks mentioned here to the dengue patients, so that the platelet count does not decrease.


-In the case of dengue, you must give Giloy juice to the patient in very small quantities every day. Giloy is a herb, which by boosting metabolism also makes immunity strong. Due to this, the body can also fight against dengue fever by stinging. Boil two stems of Giloy in a glass of water. Filter and drink this slightly lukewarm water of Giloy. Avoid drinking an excessive amount of Giloy juice.

-Drinking juice prepared from papaya leaves is also beneficial for dengue. Papaya juice also increases the platelet count. Drinking this strengthens immunity. Grind papaya leaves in a mixer. Give its juice in very small quantities to the patient twice a day.

-You can also drink guava juice in dengue. Guava juice is rich in Vitamin C, which strengthens immunity. It is better to make fresh guava juice at home and give it to dengue patients instead of drinking canned guava juice.

-Tulsi leaves can also be used to end dengue fever. The properties present in Tulsi reduce the infection. Can prove to be effective in recovering quickly. Boil some basil leaves in a glass of water. Sieve it in a cup. To enhance the taste of this drink, you can mix lemon juice or honey in it.


-Drinking bitter gourd juice also gives relief in case of dengue. Bitter gourd extract has inhibitory action against the multiplication of the dengue virus. Peel the upper part of the bitter gourd to make juice. Cut it into small pieces. Blend bitter gourd and a glass of water in the mixer. Now filter it in a glass. If you find it too bitter to drink, you can add some water.

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