Health Tips: If you have a habit of drinking soda, then be careful, these damages can happen to your health, know here...


Soda and heart: Most people have a habit of drinking soda water. They feel that drinking soda instead of cold drinks does not harm them. Interestingly, some people also drink soda to overcome acidity. But you will be surprised to know that the habit of drinking soda can give rise to many of your health-related problems. Soda is a carbonated beverage just like a cold drink. It uses a lot of sugar. According to Medical News Today, excessive consumption of soda leads to weight gain and increases the risk of diabetes and heart-related diseases manifold.


Why is soda harmful?
Artificial sweetener is used in soda. In about 300 grams of soda, 29.4 grams to 42 grams of sugar is mixed. In research by Harvard Health, it was revealed that the consumption of soda can cause weight gain. The same research said that regular soda consumption increases the risk of type 2 diabetes manifold. According to the report of Healthline, high sucrose and fructose corn syrup are used in soda, which acts as a stimulant for the accumulation of fat in the liver. When someone consumes excessive soda, these molecules start accumulating in the liver in the form of fat. This causes non-alcoholic liver disease.

side effects of soda
Excessive consumption of soda leads to weight gain. Apart from this, obesity can be a problem. According to research, the risk of type 2 diabetes increases manifold with the consumption of soda. It increases many types of heart-related problems. It also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Consumption of soda can lead to kidney disease. According to research, regular consumption of soda causes non-alcoholic liver disease. Not only this, but it also increases uric acid, due to which arthritis can occur.


Instead of soda, consume these things
It is best to consume water instead of soda. Drink water whenever there is a need for soda. If there is a problem with acidity, then drinking lemon water will be many times better than soda. Apart from this, it will be better to drink plain coffee, plain tea, and lukewarm water, without flavored water.

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