Health Tips: Excess height can also become the cause of cancer, know what the new report says..


Do you know that the excess length of the body also increases the risk of cancer? This has been revealed in new research, whose new study is very shocking. According to the report, being too tall can prove to be a threat to your life. Cancer is a deadly disease and its cases are increasing rapidly in India. Cancer can be caused by food, drugs and family history, but its connection with height is surprising. Know here the complete details from this new update

This has been revealed in the report released by the World Cancer Research Fund International. Researchers did research keeping in mind diet, weight and physical activity and cancer. It was found that the longer you are, the more the risk of prostate, pancreatic, colorectal, breast and kidney cancer increases.
According to the report, the risk of cancer remains at 10 percent in the kidney, 8 percent in the ovarian, 7 percent in the pancreatic and 5 percent in the colorectal. Researcher Brown says that it doesn't matter what your height is. The distance between your head and feet increases the risk of cancer.

According to research, the height of any person shows how his growth process has been from conception to adulthood. The higher the height, the higher the risk of cancer cells in the body.

The excess height does not depend only on genetics, but during the child's stay in the womb, different processes for its development, such as the production of insulin in the mother, the formation of growth hormones and the activities of sex hormones, also affect the length of the child. remains dependent. This means, how has the development of the child from the time of conception to adulthood and what changes have taken place in his body during this process, the whole process depends on the risk of cancer.

According to the news published by Mayo Clinic, you can reduce the risk of cancer by maintaining a healthy diet, and healthy weight, keeping your distance from drugs and regular medical care.

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