Health Tips: Earache can be troubling in winter, know the reason behind it and methods of prevention...


Ear Pain in Winter Season: After summer, people eagerly wait for winter, but the better the winter season, the more problems increase. Many types of diseases also start spreading rapidly in the winter season. Diseases like cold, cold, and fever are common, but sometimes serious diseases like dengue also increase more during cold days. Many times people also have the problem of ear pain in winter.


Often people think that ear pain is only due to cold weather and winds, but there can be many other reasons behind it. According to the news of Healthshots, if the problem of ear pain is not taken care of on time, then this pain spreads to the head. According to experts, the structure inside the ear is very delicate and the nerves and nervous system present in it connect with the brain and throat. If the pain is not taken care of, then it can cause a lot of trouble. Let us know some big reasons behind ear pain…

Infection: Many times the problem of ear pain is also found in people who have a cold. The bacteria move to the ear through the Eustachian tube that connects the ear to the throat. Infection can be a major reason for ear pain in winter. Because of the infection, fluid also starts flowing from the ear.

Stuffy nose: Sometimes pain also starts due to congestion in the Eustachian tube that connects the throat to the ear. This problem is seen more in winter.

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Frequent cold and cough: Coughing and sneezing repeatedly causes stress in the inner ear. There is pressure in the veins due to which pain starts. That's why it is important that if someone has a problem with a cold and cough, then he should immediately consult a health expert.

– Sinus: People also sneeze strongly in the sinus due to which pain starts in the ear.

– Cold wind: The nerves of the ear are affected very fast by the cold wind, so pain often starts as soon as it comes in contact with strong wind. That's why it is important that whenever you go out in winter, you cover your ears.


Follow these tips to avoid pain
1. Keep your ears covered and avoid direct exposure to cold air.

2. People with sinus problems, cough, and cold should take extra care in winter.

3. Never use anything like a hairpin or matchstick to clean your ears.

4. Never put any kind of liquid or medicine in the ear without a health expert.

5. Consult an ENT specialist even if there are minor symptoms because a delay in treatment can increase the infection.

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