Health Tips: Drink these leaves dissolved in water in the morning, your blood sugar will be under control..


Ayurvedic Herbs for Diabetes: Diabetes is a very serious disease because it is completely incurable. Only we can control it. Although there are no serious symptoms of diabetes, if its common symptoms are not taken care of from the beginning, then it can cause other serious diseases. The problem of diabetes is related to our lifestyle, so to avoid it, we need a lot of changes in our lifestyle. According to health experts, we can control blood sugar through some leaves.


Curry leaves: Curry leaves are very beneficial for our health. According to the NCBI report, curry leaves help control diabetes. Fiber is found in abundance in curry leaves and it slows down the digestion process. The food eaten by this does not get metabolized quickly and it keeps the blood sugar under control. You can also take curry leaves with stale mouth water in the morning.

Consumption of Tulsi leaves: Tulsi is such a plant that has religious importance as well as Ayurvedic importance. Many types of nutrients are found in Tulsi which protects the body from many serious diseases. Tulsi also helps us to avoid infection. If you are suffering from diabetes, boil basil leaves and drink its water early in the morning.

Insulin plant leaf intake: Insulin is no less than a panacea for diabetes patients. When the case of diabetes is chronic, doctors give insulin injections to the patient. If you have mild symptoms of diabetes then you can consume the leaves of the insulin plant. Its leaves reduce the level of blood sugar.

Mango leaves: Mangiferin enzyme is found in mango leaves which can inhibit alpha-glucosidase. Vitamin C and fiber are found in abundance in mango leaves. Both of these reduce sugar and cholesterol in our blood. If you drink the water of mango leaves after waking up in the morning, it will help you in maintaining your sugar level.


Consumption of guava leaves: Guava is very beneficial for our health, but its leaves also have more medicinal properties. Research shows that the juice of guava leaves inhibits the action of alpha-glucosidase. It is a type of enzyme that breaks down starch and other carbohydrates into glucose. If you boil Amarur leaves in water and drink it, then its blood sugar will also be under control.

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