Health Tips: Diabetes patients must do this work before sleeping at night, blood sugar level will be controlled...


How to Control Blood Sugar Level: Diabetes ie diabetes is an incurable disease. This symptom itself makes it a serious disease. Once there is a problem with diabetes, it stays with the patient for the whole life. Diabetes is a disease related to our lifestyle and diet, so we can control it to some extent by changing our habits. A diabetic patient has to strictly follow the routine because a little carelessness can cause a serious health problem.


According to experts, being under stress, getting less sleep, and not eating properly can increase the symptoms of diabetes. Diabetic patients need to get enough sleep every day and stay relaxed. Lack of sleep, there is a bad effect on insulin sensitivity. If you are also suffering from diabetes, then you have to set some routine before sleeping at night so that your blood sugar remains under control.

Reduce caffeine intake before sleeping: Diabetic patients must have a deep sleep, but if you consume caffeinated things before sleeping at night, it can disturb your sleep. That's why never consume tea, coffee, or chocolate before sleeping. Along with this, if possible, do not consume alcohol before sleeping.

Do physical activity: Light exercise before sleeping at night or physical activity like jogging can be very beneficial for you. Physical activity before sleeping will help you stay stress free and at the same time, you will get good sleep. Taking a short walk after eating will also help you to keep your blood sugar level under control.

Make sure to get enough sleep: According to health experts, diabetes patients should not neglect their sleep. The better you sleep, the more help you will get in maintaining your sugar level. Diabetics need 6-8 hours of sleep every day.

Do not eat snacks before sleeping: The patient feels hungry again and again due to diabetes. This problem increases even more at night. In such a situation, most people keep junk foods, chips, sweets, and namkeen in their room and consume them before sleeping. All these foods increase your weight and this also increases blood sugar.

Eat light food: Health experts also never recommend eating food on a full stomach. If you are suffering from diabetes, then you have to take special care that eats light food at night. Avoid eating heavy things at night, along with this also try to have food early. Eating late at night has a bad effect on digestion.


Make distance from electronic gadgets: While going to bed at night, many people spend hours with electronic gadgets like mobile, and laptops, which affects sleep. That's why you have to decide this rule of your routine one hour before sleeping, keep your distance from electronic gadgets.

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