Health Tips: Asthma patients are increasing continuously in the country, change these habits today...


Fitness Parameter: In modern times, there have been many changes in the living and eating habits of people. There itself. Talking about the environment, it is getting polluted day by day. Apart from this, the youth are blowing the smoke of life with many types of intoxicants like Jhukka, Sirgate. These drugs are causing many diseases in the body. Asthma disease has become quite common especially among the youth. There are about 20 million asthma patients in India today.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that if the environment remains polluted in this way, then asthma can be the most deadly disease at one time. Therefore it is necessary to protect the environment from contamination. Apart from this, the youth also need to change their habits. Let us know due to which habits of youth are increasing cases of asthma?


Due to these habits, the number of asthma patients is increasing.
-People who are constantly busy with work are more prone to asthma problems. In such a situation, along with work, it is necessary to give rest to the body.
-Many of us must have consumed cigarettes, then many people would be victims of the same smoke. In such a situation, it is inevitable to have the problem of asthma.
-If you do not walk 500 meters daily, then this habit of yours can make your body stable. This can increase the chances of getting asthma.
-Don't eat too much outside things. This increases the chances of getting asthma problems.
-Daily yoga practice is essential.
-Choose a healthy diet.

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