Health: This vegetable reduces the risk of serious diseases like TB- Arthritis, Know more about it....


Hop Shoots: It is the habit of every Indian to bargain while buying any item. Women are better at bargaining than men. We feel very happy if even 5 to 10 rupees are saved on some item. If the rate of vegetables increases by 10 to 50 rupees on what is prevailing in the market, then people do not get tired of saying that the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. If a vegetable goes for 80 to 100 rupees, then its sting starts ringing everywhere. In such a situation, imagine if a vegetable is sold for Rs.85,000 per kg, then what will people say about it? Most people will find this thing funny but, it is true. There is such a vegetable whose cost is 85 thousand rupees and it reduces the risk of serious diseases like TB and arthritis.


This vegetable costs 85,000 rupees
Hop shoots are the most expensive vegetable in the world. It is known from its name itself that this vegetable is foreign. This vegetable is found in European countries. Although it is claimed in some reports that the vegetable is also grown in Himachal Pradesh, it has not been officially confirmed. The reason behind this vegetable being so expensive is its long process. The process from sowing to harvesting of hop shoots is so long that it takes 3 years. After the plant is ready, plucking small bulb-shaped vegetables from this plant is a very difficult task and it takes hard work. The vegetable of hop shoots is so rich in nutrients that it can reduce the risk of serious diseases like TB and arthritis.


Get rid of these diseases
It has been found in many medical studies that this vegetable reduces the risk of TB disease. It is used to make antibodies. Apart from this, stress, sleeplessness, nervousness, irritability, restlessness, deficit hyperactivity disorder, etc. can also be treated with hop shoots. It is also used in making drugs. Also hair loss, skin problems, and various ulcers can be treated with it.

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