Health: Taking antibiotics without advice is becoming dangerous, this problem is increasing in the liver, know here...


In the changing season, not only children but also adults are falling ill. Many types of patients including cold, including cold, fever, and dengue malaria are reaching hospitals in hundreds today. At the same time, there are many people who, seeing the symptoms, are consuming antibiotics and paracetamol by themselves from medical stores without consulting the doctor. Many such cases are coming in hospitals in which patients are having liver-related problems after recovering from the disease. According to health experts, this method of self-medication can be very dangerous.


Antibiotics (antimicrobials) should not be used without the advice of a doctor. This is getting very harmful. The doctor must complete the course in the number of days and in the quantity that the doctor has prescribed. Complete the course even if you are feeling better after using the medicine because taking the medicine initially brings relief to the patient's body, but the microorganism causing the infection is not destroyed.


By leaving the course of medicine in the middle, these micro-organisms gradually acquire resistance to that medicine, and the next time a person falls ill, that medicine is not completely effective. Since antimicrobial resistance or antimicrobial resistance is a condition in which disease-causing microbes, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, become resistant to drugs.

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