Health: Should couples go to bed angry? People shared their thoughts..


There is a fight between every couple. Rather, having a little fight is a healthy habit. But sometimes the whole day is spent fighting. Because of this, couples have to sleep in anger. According to some people, this makes it easier for them to understand things. At the same time, according to some people, this is wrong. Because this shows that there is a lot of communication gap between the two. To understand this thing better, the experiences of some couples have been shared here. In this, he has been asked whether couples should sleep in anger or not. Let's know the answers of these couples.


“I always like to be alone for some time after a fight. Because it gives me time to cool down. But sometimes my partner does not understand this. Because of this the fight increases. – Nandini
“Sometimes couples go to bed angry. But sometimes it is necessary. When you are apart for a while, you miss each other. The more you don't talk to each other, the more you have the heart to talk" so sometimes sleeping in anger teaches you a lot." Piyush
“A couple sleeping in anger shows that there is a huge communication gap between the two. If you do not solve it by talking with your partner, then you let this thing grow. That's why it is better that you end this thing by talking immediately. Sarika

“If you are someone who is very sensitive and has a lot of feelings, it is better for you to leave this situation and go to sleep. Talk about it the next day when you've calmed down. A more emotional person may cry in the middle of a fight. This can increase the fight even more. " Exorcist
“I would be furious if my partner tried to sleep without ending the fight. No matter how angry or hurt you are, resolving the issue shows that the person wants to end the fight once and for all and move on. I think" dragging the fight out until the next day shows you have little interest in the relationship." – Anandita

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