Health: Oranges, Apples and Grapes? Know what is the best time to eat these fruits..


Best Time To Eat Fruits: We have always heard from our elders that we should eat healthy things for good health. Fresh fruits are given a lot of preference in this. Many types of essential nutrients are found in fruits, which work to benefit our bodies in many ways. The human body needs every fruit according to time, if we eat them at the right time then only we can get maximum benefit. Let us know which fruit should be eaten and when.

1. After waking up in the morning
Papaya can prove to be very beneficial when you wake up in the morning and balance the pH of your body. The fibre present in it can increase our metabolic rate, which helps in keeping digestion healthy.


2. Breakfast
Apple is a very nutritious fruit, the antioxidants present in it can boost the immunity of the body, as well as eating apples will provide vitamin A and fibre. It is generally advised to eat it during breakfast.

3. After breakfast
If you have had a light breakfast and it has not satisfied your appetite, then you can eat Custard Apple. With this, the body will get fibre and calcium.

4. Between 10 am and 11 am
At this time we should eat such fruits which are kept in the category of citrus fruits. These include orange and sweet lime. Those who consume it get vitamins C and D.

5. After lunch
Eating bananas after a midday meal is considered beneficial, food can be easily digested by this, as well as getting rid of constipation and bloating problems.

6. In the evening
When you feel hungry in the evening, you feel like eating snacks, at this time consumption of pomegranates can prove to be beneficial for the body. With this, the body will get fibre, iron and calcium. Due to this, the stomach feels full for a long time and then you are saved from eating more food during the night.


7. Before sleeping at night
Kiwi is a very nutritional fruit, it is considered a panacea for many diseases. Serotonin and antioxidants are found in it which help in getting restful sleep.

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