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Water Benefits: Spices like cinnamon, cloves, fennel, carom seeds and black pepper are very beneficial for health along with making Indian food tasty. By drinking the water of these spices, our body gets rid of many diseases. Today we will tell you many benefits of water prepared from these spices, knowing that you will also want to try them. In this sequence, we will first talk about celery and fennel. Both these spices are beneficial for health in many ways. If you use it daily, then you will not have to take medicine for minor problems.

Beneficial for skin
Ajwain and fennel, both these spices are very beneficial for the skin. Drinking water of ajwain and fennel brings glow to the skin. Ajwain and fennel water detoxifies our skin and keeps the skin pimple free and spotless.
Homemade recipe to avoid cough and cold
Water of fennel and carom seeds is effective to get rid of seasonal fever like cold and flu. Drinking this water provides relief from sore throat and cough.
Lowers cholesterol level
Fennel and ajwain water is also very effective in reducing cholesterol level. A very small amount of calories are present in this water, which is beneficial for reducing the increasing weight.
Get rid of stomach problem
Fennel and ajwain water strengthens your digestive system. Along with this, drinking this water also removes many problems like gas, indigestion and constipation.
Is beneficial in morning sickness
Morning sickness causes problems such as vomiting, nausea or nervousness and nausea. Drinking water of fennel and carom seeds removes the problems of morning sickness. At the same time you feel fresh.

Use ajwain and fennel water in this way
Make a powder of fennel and carom seeds and consume it daily in the morning on an empty stomach with warm water. Apart from this, water of ajwain and fennel can also be used by adding it to vegetables or lentils.

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