Health: Do not eat antibiotics like toffee-chocolate, treat mild illness at home, otherwise there will be problems..


Antibiotic Overuse: Often in the family, you must have noticed that whenever a person has a minor health problem, they take antibiotics at will. If there is an injury or there is pain internally in the body, people take foreign antibiotics. But, becoming a doctor by itself is harmful for a person. In severe circumstances, life can also be lost. According to a report, eating antibiotics one after the other like toffee in pain causes its effect on the body to decrease. In the run-of-the-mill life, people take any antibiotic medicine without doctor's advice in case of headache, abdominal pain or fever. Health experts say that taking more antibiotics can cause serious stomach ailments like diarrhea.


How do antibiotics work
Actually, antibiotic protects the patient's body from the effect of bacteria or pain and works to eliminate it. According to the specialist, the same antibiotic cannot be given to each patient. Also, which antibiotic will be given to the patient, only the doctor can tell the exact answer after treatment.

Why antibiotics are harmful
 Antibiotics are given to remove harmful bacteria from the body or to reduce pain. But, when taken unnecessarily, these medicines work to eliminate the good bacteria of the body, which can cause problems to the person.

Symptoms after taking antibiotics
diarrhea or abdominal pain
vomiting or nausea
serious illnesses or disabilities
vaginal yeast infection in women
allergic reaction etc.


What to do in pain
Whenever you have any health related problem like headache, abdominal pain etc., contact the doctor immediately. If this is not possible then take a tablet of antibiotic. Keep in mind, by taking antibiotics repeatedly, it may eliminate body pain or infection, but it can cause you serious health problems. It is better that you make a prescription for antibiotics from your doctor for headache, stomach pain or other problems, which you can take if needed.

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