Health Advice: These minor changes in lifestyle can reduce the risk of heart attack, read research...


Health Advice: A trend is being seen for some time that people who do a lot of physical activities and spend hours in the gym are also falling prey to heart attacks. In such a situation, many people are stopping doing physical activity, but according to new research, if you have had a heart attack and even after that if you exercise regularly, then the risk of a second stroke can be reduced to a great extent. Is. Regular exercise protects us from many diseases related to stroke and heart.


What does the research say?
Scientists at Only My Health have done research on exercise and heart disease for some time now. In this research, an attempt has been made to find out whether the risk of a second stroke can be reduced by exercising after the first stroke. For this, scientists collected data from about 1100 adults. All these people had had a heart attack or stroke once between 1990 and the end of 2018 and their average age was 73 years. Scientists found in their report that people who remain physically healthy and fit and do some exercise regularly had a 34% lower risk of a heart attack.

What researchers say?
Researchers believe that exercise is very important to avoid heart disease. But this does not mean that we should keep doing hardcore workouts in the gym. We should include normal walking, swimming, cycling, running, jogging and cardiovascular exercise in our routine. By doing these, the risk of heart attack can be reduced and even for those who have been victims of a heart attack before, the chances of getting a second attack are greatly reduced.


Follow these 5 habits to avoid a heart attack
No smoking
maintain healthy weight
do regular exercise
reduce bad cholesterol
Follow healthy diet
improve sleep health
avoid stress
control blood sugar level

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