Headache Remedies: Not only due to fatigue, eating these 5 things can also cause headache....


Headache Problem Due to Food: Due to a busy lifestyle and increasing stress, today many people are facing the problem with migraine and headaches. Leaving aside the obvious reasons like sinusitis, stress and mental tension, very few people know that their diet can also be responsible for this. Yes, your wrong diet can also be responsible for your headache. In this news, today we tell you why you should pay more attention to your diet to avoid the problem of headaches. But before that let us know what is headache.

What is a headache?
The sensation of sharp to dull pain in any part of the head can be called a headache. Headache is a very common condition that most people experience several times in their lives. Whereas migraine is a common type of headache which usually occurs on one side of the head. Headaches can be due to your wrong lifestyle, stress or fatigue.
These foods can become the cause of your headache
1. Alcohol and Tobacco

Consumption of alcohol can be a major cause of migraine. Doctors also believe that the problem of headaches usually persists in people who consume more alcohol. Apart from this, smoking affects the level of serotonin in the body, which can cause migraine.
2. Cake, Bread
Cakes and bread are made with yeast, which does not suit everyone. Apart from this, bread and cooked foods contain a component called tyramine, which triggers headaches and severe migraine pain.
3. Low-calorie foods
Shifting to low-calorie things can also be the reason for your headache. Due to this, your blood pressure can also go out of control. Apart from this, if you have not eaten food on time, then it can also cause headaches.
4. Chocolate
We have already told you that tyramine is found in chocolate which can cause a headache for you. Therefore, if you want to avoid the problem of headaches, then consume chocolate at least.
5. Coffee
 A good amount of caffeine is found in coffee after a while people get addicted to it. So if you are also used to drinking coffee and recently you have given up this habit, then this can also be the cause of your headache. Once one becomes addicted to caffeine, it is very difficult to get rid of it.

6. Pickles and fermented foods
 Pickles and fermented foods like cheese can contain high amounts of tyramine. These foods include pickles, kimchi and pickled okra.

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