Hair Care tips: Using these 4 oils on hair in winter, will prove to be a boon for hair care...


Best Hair Oil for Winter: Hair often looks dry and frizzy in winter. In such a situation, people use different hair care products to keep their hair healthy. Despite this, it does not take the name of reducing the dryness of the hair. But do you know that 4 oils can prove to be a boon for hair in winter? Yes, you can get the best results on hair by using these hair oils.


Oiling is very common in hair care. Especially in winter, with the help of hair oiling, you can maintain the moisture of the hair. At the same time, by using some hair oil, you can also get rid of many hair problems. So let's know the names of the best oils for winter hair care, by trying you can keep your hair beautiful and healthy even in winter.

Apply olive oil
The use of olive oil in hair care helps reduce the problem of dryness, frizziness, and damaged hair. For this, mix egg and honey in olive oil and apply them to the hair. Then after 20-30 minutes wash your hair with clean water. With this, you will also get rid of the problem of split ends.

Use bhringraj oil
Bhringraj oil rich in medicinal elements helps keep the hair dryness and dandruff free. For this, lukewarm the oil of Bhringraj and massage it on the scalp, and after half an hour wash the hair with shampoo. This improves the blood circulation of the scalp. Along with this, hair growth also starts happening fast. Due to this, your hair looks long, thick, and shiny.

Try Almond Oil
Almond oil is considered the best source of Vitamin E, Omega 3, fatty acids, and magnesium. On the other hand, you can apply almond oil directly to the hair. This will not only add shine to the hair but also make your hair look healthy and beautiful.


Apply sesame oil
Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 are found in abundance in sesame oil. In this case, applying sesame oil reduces the dryness of the hair. At the same time, sesame oil rich in nutrients is also the best recipe for making hair strong and bouncy.

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